Can you create accessible online surveys with HeyForm?

Yes, creating accessible online surveys according to the WCAG guidelines (guidelines for accessible web content) is easily possible with HeyForm. Accessible in this context means that surveys can be answered by all people, whether with or without disabilities, regardless of their impairments or technical capabilities. Accessible surveys must therefore also be readable, operable, and answerable by means of screen readers or other assistive technologies.

The HeyForm software basically fulfills the technical requirements for accessible surveys, so that questionnaires can also be operated without a mouse or via a screen reader, for example. To ensure that the content of the surveys is also WCAG-compliant, creators should pay attention to the accessible design of the questionnaires.

Survey creators should consider a number of factors in this regard when creating the questionnaire so that accessibility is actually guaranteed. This includes, for example, that different questionnaire versions (e.g. with and without video or audio files) should be created to accommodate people with different impairments (visually impaired, deaf, reading impaired, etc.).

In addition, alternative text should be added to graphic elements, images, and logos where appropriate (as an alt attribute, caption, or subtitle) so that they can be read and interpreted using assistive technologies.