Collaborate smarter with digital form app HeyForm

Collaborate smarter, but how?

Only how do you realize that in your organization? Without big projects so that your store stays open. But also without large investments. And with control in your own hands, Being able to implement decisions and changes quickly yourself without being dependent on third parties. Just smarter cooperation. That sounds good, doesn’t it! We thought so too in 2006. A lot of internal business processes were not running smoothly. Information was not processed properly, passed on to colleagues in time, and stored in several places in the organization. This caused many errors and irritation among employees, but sometimes also among our customers or suppliers. The international IT department thought it was nonsense, after all, we had an excellent ERP package and SharePoint!

We knew better however, many departments had resorted to Excel-ERP.

From problem to opportunity

From this problem, we developed an accessible solution. Call it continuous improvement. But for us, it was a dire necessity to have the critical information flows under control.

Fortunately, with help, we were able to build a pragmatic ICT network contact our first concept system. Nowadays, they call that a “startup.” The “startup” made it possible to automate business processes without ICT knowledge. A small revolution that tasted like more. Especially when other organizations showed interest as well.

For the smart people among us

You can use HeyForm to support much more than a 5S or an audit program. Just take a look at our library of free templates. Almost all supporting business processes can be automated with HeyForm.

Also smarter collaboration in your organization?

Would you like to have more control over your business processes, be able to manage them faster, and have more time for the real work?

Then contact us for an informal meeting or use our service to have an online form worked out as an example free of charge.