Taking screenshots of Instagram posts is easy

Whether it’s the latest Insta snapshot of your favorite star or the food porn picture that invites you to try your hand at cooking: Instagram provides you with a huge pool of great pics that you might want to look at again later. The easiest way to save pictures from Instagram is to take a screenshot.

But what many people don’t know is: In some cases, posts on Instagram cannot be photographed without being noticed. Under certain circumstances, other people will receive a notification when you take Instagram screenshots. We’ll explain!

Screenshot of an Instagram DM

The Direct Message function allows you to communicate with your friends or subscribers to your Insta account in a relaxed way. The chat feature works similarly to other instant messengers and thus also enables private conversations via Instagram.

Following a similar principle to Snapchat, photos can also be sent via Direct Message. The sender has the option of restricting access to the photo. For example, there is the option that the recipient can only view the picture once.

Once he or she has done so, the sent photo is immediately deleted from the chat. You can tell if it is a self-deleting message by the fuse in the play bar at the top of the screen.

If you want to keep such pictures, you have no choice but to take a screenshot of the Instagram chat. How this works depends on which phone you are using.

Conclusion: Instagram screenshots are not always visible

Normal Instagram posts can be easily saved via screenshots without the sender being informed.

Only in the case of self-deleting direct messages will the sender receive a notification when you take an Instagram screenshot.

In general, you can also save other people’s pictures without worrying. However, to avoid infringing copyright, you should never pass off saved Insta-pics as your own.

You can also save sequences of videos or Instagram stories by taking a picture. Our TinySnap screenshot tool offers you a browser extension with many image editing features. The best thing about TinySnap is that most of its features are free. However, you could also try the premium features to make your built-in public process much more attractive.